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I’m currently reading two books. The first is The Temporal Void by Peter F Hamilton, space opera at its best. It’s the second book in a trilogy (which is preceded by another duology, which you don’t have to read first to appreciate this one but there are references to it you will enjoy if you have, and a few returning characters), and it’s about… frankly it’s one of those books where too much is going on for me to feel able to give a concise description. Go read the description on Amazon for that. But for all its huge scope and dozens of characters it’s still easy to follow what is going on and remember all the major characters, which is an amazing accomplishment on Hamilton’s part. Add to that the fact that there’s hardly a dull page, and this is turning into one of my favourite SF series. I’m reading this one mostly on my lunch breaks so considering the length of the book it’ll take me another month or two to finish.

The other book is the anthology Steampunk, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. I picked up this one (and the followup Steampunk II) last weekend. Hardly surprising, it consists of steampunk short stories and a few essays on the subject. I’m only a few stories in, but so far it is excellent reading and I expect the rest of it will be too. In fact I will stop writing right now and post this so I can go and read some more of it.

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