Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2013


Inspired by Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek mentioning somewhere (might have been on their podcast) having watched a horror movie every day for 30 days leading up to Halloween, I have decided to try it myself. Well, except that I’m doing 31 days.

So every night of October I will be watching a horror movie, or something close enough to horror that you couldn’t necessarily tell them apart in dim light. And afterward I will write a little post with my impressions.

I will post my (preliminary) list of what I’ll be watching later if anyone feels like following along, but there will be a mix of old and new (well, newish). From classics like The Mummy to 80s horror comedy Teen Wolf, from Critters to Pandorum. There are a few episodes of the TV series Masters of Horror mixed in. There are movies I’ve watched a dozen times or more (Ghostbusters!) and ones I just haven’t gotten around to before (Nosferatu).

In short I’m looking forward to a month of horror, in the best sense.

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