Bubba Ho-tep – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2013 Day 5


Bubba Ho-tep
I haven’t watched everything Bruce Campbell has ever been in, but Bubba Ho-tep still has to be among his best work, if not the best. Here he plays a resident of a nursing home who may or may not be Elvis Presley, and along with his friend who is probably not a black JFK he battles a mummy who is stalking the home. Does that sound like one of the best things you have ever heard? Because it is. And what sells it is the acting. Regardless of whether or not the main characters are who they say they are, they’re skilfully portrayed as what they are; pensioners dealing with a situation that would be too much for someone half their age. And worse than that, dealing with the every day horror of growing old. The portrayal of the characters is why I love this movie so much. The premise is ridiculous in the best possible way of course, and the movie wouldn’t be half as entertaining without it. But coupled with the excellent acting and writing, it becomes something special.

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