Netherbeast Incorporated (aka Vampire Office) – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2013 Day 8


Netherbeast Incorporated
I’ve seen Netherbeast Incorporated (also known as Vampire Office which is more descriptive and utterly dull) once before, but I was looking forward to watching it again. It’s the sort of dark comedy you don’t see a whole lot of. It mixes workplace comedy with a fairly gory take on vampires. The premise is that vampires are laying low running their own technology company. But their safe routine is disturbed when their boss starts suffering from the vampire version of senility. Forgetting that he’s a vampire he starts to bring in outsiders. And in the background some disappearances occur.

The mundanely outlandish story and witty writing is brought to life by excellent comedic acting. There are quirky characters, but everything that needs to be is played straight. A mystery related to the disappearances drives the plot forward. That plot gets a little bit too serious during the last half hour, but the whole is still a unique story that’s worth watching.

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