The Last Lovecraft – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2013 Day 15


The Last Lovecraft
The Last Lovecraft is a stupid movie. Enough that the first time I tried to watch it I fell asleep halfway through. My second attempt tonight was more successful, but mostly because I knew I was going to write this and had to know what I was talking about. Now to be fair, it’s not horrible. Barring some of the acting, at worst it’s competent. But it also has references for the sake of references, obviously trying to play to the geekier among us. I am definitely in that group, but the movie failed to charm me. It felt stilted. While you can tell that the creators know their source material, they didn’t translate it into something I was very interested in watching. That they went for slacker main characters didn’t improve my opinion; that choice generally feels as uninspired as the characters it produces. I appreciate the effort that went into the movie, but in the end it wasn’t funny enough or scary enough.

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