The Toxic Avenger – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2014 Day 8


Toxic Avenger

I first learned of The Toxic Avenger through toy ads in the early nineties for figures which seemed to be ugly rip-offs of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles as they were known here). I also think I might have bought a comic book or two featuring the characters. Until tonight, that had been the total of my exposure to the character. So never having actually seen the movie before, I was curious how it would turn out.

As it happens, about what you’d expect; a bad movie that knows exactly what it is, which saves it somewhat. It goes for humour and hits its target occasionally, but it’s not exactly my kind of humour so it didn’t thrill me. More sex than I expected, and a lot of violence. Exactly how this got made into kids toys and a cartoon, I do not know. Certainly the Turtles were originally a more violent thing, but this is a whole other level. Overall not offensively bad (or offensive, for that matter), I’m glad that I’ve seen it, but I doubt that I will ever go back to it, or check out the sequels.

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