Not of This Earth – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2014 Day 31


Not of This Earth

Not of This Earth made an interesting contrast after just having watched Wishmaster 4. Both movies feature similar levels of gratuitous sex and nudity, but while it felt just as lifeless as the rest of the movie in Wishmaster 4, in Not of This Earth it fits right in with the rest of the weirdness. I could not in good conscience call this a good movie, but it’s bad in interesting ways. An alien in the form of a mysterious man in black comes to Earth to assess humanity’s potential to be domesticated and used as a source of blood for the aliens, who are suffering from an ailment which is turning their blood to dust. It’s ridiculous, but in a weirdly interesting way. Traci Lords plays a nurse who gets hired to administer blood transfusions to the mysterious man in black, and unsurprisingly every opportunity to have her wear as few clothes as possible is taken advantage of. Which in a way is a bit of a shame because she may be the best actor in the movie.

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