The Last Witch Hunter – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2016 Day 2


The Last Witch Hunter was a pleasant surprise. The reviews for it that I’d seen were not very good, so I went into it with tempered expectations. And was rewarded with an entertaining couple of hours. It’s not a timeless classic, and probably not a movie I’ll go back to again and again, but it was perfectly solid entertainment.

Ever since I watched Highlander at a far too young age, I’ve been a fan of stories about what immortals do with their long lives. Mainly killing things according to most of them. Which is also what Vin Diesel’s immortal witch hunter does in this movie. Cursed with immortality by the witch queen he killed 800 years ago, he’s spent his life enforcing the agreement which has since kept witches from using magic on ordinary humans. And he keeps doing that in the movie, with some nice special effects and a decent plot. It’s mainly an action movie, but there’s some thought behind it too. Well worth a watch.

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