Phantasm – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2016 Day 7



Phantasm is one of those movies of whose existence I’ve been vaguely aware, but somehow never gotten around to finding out what it’s actually about. By chance seeing that the fifth instalment had just been released, I got curious enough to go back and watch the first one. Which very handily was also just released in a remastered version. I think I’m glad that I did. Probably.

To be honest I like the premise of the movie better than the execution. An otherworldly, menacing mortician who steals bodies for presumably nefarious purposes. And can possibly take on the shape of a young woman who kills people to add to his collection. That definitely has the makings of a creepy movie. Unfortunately I found its atmosphere lacking. It never rose to the level of feeling scary or menacing. Mostly it hovered around slightly weird. Which may very well have been the point, but it just didn’t quite do it for me. But I’m intrigued enough to want to at the very least check out the sequel.

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