Call Girl of Cthulhu – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2016 Day 12



I’m not quite sure what to make of Call Girl of Cthulhu. I think it might approaching the platonic ideal of a B movie. Decent to bad acting. Source material that it references liberally but has almost no similarity to. More gratuitous nudity than HBO. Lots of blood and gore (with some pretty decent practical effects). And a plot that’s good enough to keep the movie going but not much more.

Most of the movie’s humour wasn’t quite my taste, but some things did make me smile. Such as a commercial for an erectile dysfunction drug called Celephais. As a Lovecraft fan, I do appreciate all the more or less obscure references that the movie abounds with. The movie also does some weird swings between being (or trying to be) funny and serious, and it doesn’t always work. Although at one point it did genuinely surprise me with one of its mood shifts, so I’ll give it that.

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