Prince of Darkness – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2016 Day 15



After watching The Thing I was in the mood for more John Carpenter. Enter Prince of Darkness. A movie that seems to divide opinion, but that I really like. The basic plot is fairly simple; scientists studying an ancient artefact at the request of a priest are manipulated by an evil force to bring an even greater primordial evil through to our world. But it’s the myriad details attached to that premise that come together to create an amazing creepy mood. The artefact being a container of swirling green liquid that might be the physical embodiment of Satan. The dream that anyone who sleeps near the container inevitably has, and which claims to be a transmission from the future. The menacing homeless people gathering outside the building (led by Alice Cooper I might add) preventing anyone from leaving. The gradual takeover of several of the scientists by the evil force, turning them against their friends. This movie really shouldn’t work, it is far too weird. And yet it does work brilliantly. It leaves you with a sense of unease that takes a while to shake off.

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