The Autopsy of Jane Doe – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2017 Day 2


Horror movies rarely scare me anymore. There are certainly moments that make me jump, occasional scenes that make me uneasy. But whole movies that make me want to hide under a blanket, only I’m too afraid to look away? Very rare. So that makes The Autopsy of Jane Doe a rare movie. Halfway through I turned the lights up. It’s the kind of movie that’s likely to have me want to look behind me for days afterward.

Nearly the whole movie takes place in a mortuary with three characters; a father and son medical examiner team performing an autopsy on the third character, the body of a woman found at the scene of several other murders. A fairly simple premise used to extremely good effect. I’m hesitant to say more, because this is definitely the kind of movie that benefits from the watcher not knowing quite what to expect. I won’t claim that it’s groundbreaking or completely unpredictable, but it is so well made that it doesn’t have to be. Go watch it. Preferably with company.

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