Bloodrunners – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2017 Day 6


Bloodrunners is almost a good movie. Almost. Which is not to say that it’s a bad movie. There’s an interesting core there, good ideas that don’t quite get the treatment they deserve. I love the premise; vampires use a speakeasy as cover for actually dealing in blood, but run into problems when the local police come looking for their share to look the other way. There are some interesting characters, such as the policeman who is haunted by memories from World War I and finally realises that he’s encountered vampires before.

However, the parts don’t quite come together in a satisfying way. There’s something lacking. You never quite feel yourself transported to the thirties, the sense of time and place is lacking. The vampires never feel very menacing, nor alluring (which would have been a decent alternative). The police are probably the most convincing characters, but there’s still something stiff and unconvincing about them.

Now, all these complaints withstanding, as I said at the beginning this isn’t a bad movie. It’s worth watching. But probably not more than once.

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