Rigor Mortis – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2017 Day 11


Rigor Mortis is definitely going to be one of my very favourites from this year’s batch of movies. It starts dark and keeps growing darker, with occasional glints of light. Something which contrasts with the relative bright lighting, in a physical sense, of the movie. It rarely hides its ghosts and monsters in the shadows, and yet the light doesn’t rob them of their malice. It’s not really a creepy movie, nor does it go for jump scares or the like. The horror here is more existential. It’s horror born of people being unable to let go of the past, and instead of leaving their old sorrows behind letting them give birth to new ones.

Added to the good story and likable characters is a rich grounding in Chinese folklore. I have only a vague familiarity with the subject so I’m sure there are myriad details that I missed. But it’s another strength of the movie that no such familiarity is required. The movie builds its own world that can stand on its own.

I did not care for the last minute or so from the movie, but apart from that, I have nothing but good things to say. Except that afterwards I had an urge to watch cartoons for a bit to escape the darkness.

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