3DS, some early impressions of

So… Nintendo were really evil and released a limited edition Zelda 3DS. You can guess what that made me do. Yeah. Previously I had about 7.5% interest in owning a 3DS. I was going to say zero percent, but that’s not entirely true. I was intrigued, especially after spending about a minute with one in a store just after it came out and thinking the 3D did look kind of neat. Certainly better than my only other 3D experience apart from real life, which was the latest Narnia film. But there weren’t really any games I was dying to play, and so I decided that I would get one in a year or two, whenever they put one out with improved battery life.
But then, of course, this:

Beauty beyond words

It’s glorious. And yes, I am apparently that shallow. Only when it comes to Nintendo video game consoles so far, thankfully (I also own the limited edition red Wii, although I got that one mostly because it also came with New Super Mario Bros which I was buying anyway). But just look at that triforce emblem. How could anyone resist? At least anyone who beat The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past at least twice on the SNES back in the day. That’s made more impressive, by the way, by it being one of three games I can think of off the top of my head that I’ve actually beaten in my life. Pathetically sad but true. The other two are Super Mario World and Defender of the Crown, by the way. Super Mario World is also the only game I’ve beaten 100% if I may brag a little about my meager accomplishments.

All that waffling aside, what about the 3DS? It’s nice. The 3D works surprisingly well, though I’ve only spent a few minutes trying out Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time so far. Mostly I’ve been playing a few regular DS games, and I’m most excited about catching up with the loads of great games I’ve missed over the last decade or so. I briefly had a Gameboy Advance and played one of the Castlevania games for it, but other than that I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. And from what I can tell so far the 3DS is an excellent console to do it on. Everything works smoothly, the screens are nice and a happy medium in size between the DSi and DSi XL, and did I mention that the limited edition looks damn good? The limited battery life (3-5 hours when using 3D, longer when playing DS games) turns out to not be a problem for me personally partly because I play more DS games than 3DS ones, but mostly because I don’t have the bloody time to spend three hours at a time playing with it.

This lack of time actually makes the 3DS ideal for me. I’ve already got a Wii and an Xbox which see too little use for the money I’ve spent on them, but games for the (3)DS are made to be played on the go, and thus if you only have half an hour to play one night, that’s absolutely possible to do and enjoy in a way which stationary console games usually can’t provide.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here? Probably that I bought yet another game system that I don’t strictly speaking need, and I’m trying to justify it to myself. But also that if you’ve been looking at the system but haven’t been entirely sure about if it’s worth it, I can say that it’s not a bad device by any stretch, and if you never got around to getting a DS it’s definitely worth it just for that wondrous backlog of unplayed games along with those yet unreleased.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go back to resisting buying Mario Kart 7 before Christmas.

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I'm a stoic, a pessimist, a bookworm, a skeptic, and possibly other things which take more than one word to say.
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