Tremors – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2013 Day 22

My first introduction to Tremors was a friend’s older brother using the worms as monsters in a campaign for the role playing game Mutant. I didn’t actually watch the movie until years later. I’d quite like to see a movie with my fire breathing mutant fighting the creatures, but Tremors is pretty good too. Likeable, slightly exaggerated characters get gradually picked off by giant worms burrowing underground. It is essentially the floor is lava turned into a movie. And it works surprisingly well for such a seemingly simple premise. The worms manage to be suitably menacing, and both effects and acting work together to create an entertaining movie.

About Ted Dahlberg

I'm a stoic, a pessimist, a bookworm, a skeptic, and possibly other things which take more than one word to say.
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