Apollo 18 – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2013 Day 24

Apollo 18
I happened across Apollo 18 on Netflix and was intrigued enough to give it a try even if I wasn’t sure if it was quite my thing. A found footage (that’s where my hesitation kicks in) movie about the “real” reason that NASA stopped going to the Moon (and there I got interested again). Overall, my interest was warranted. I won’t spoil the story, but the premise of the movie is that the cancelled Apollo 18 mission to the Moon actually happened, but in secret. With a bit of suspension of disbelief, and overlooking one potential major logic problem, it’s a nice bit of alternate history with some fantastical elements thrown in. It didn’t send me over the moon (I’m sorry), but it was quite good for a faux documentary.

About Ted Dahlberg

I'm a stoic, a pessimist, a bookworm, a skeptic, and possibly other things which take more than one word to say.
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