Masters of Horror: Homecoming – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2013 Day 26

Masters of Horror Homecoming
I tried to like Homecoming, I really did. It’s another Masters of Horror episode, and I’ve enjoyed all the others I’ve seen. But this one… It starts out with heavy handed political commentary which isn’t much fun to watch even if you happen to agree with the thrust of it. Then it takes a fairly clever twist, which gave me hope that it might be going somewhere interesting. But unfortunately it returned to being heavy handed and stayed that way till the end. The final shot left me groaning inwardly. If the whole thing had been done with more subtlety it could have been great. But there was nothing subtle about Homecoming.

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I'm a stoic, a pessimist, a bookworm, a skeptic, and possibly other things which take more than one word to say.
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