Wishmaster 3 – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2014 Day 16

Wishmaster 3

If you’ve seen the first or second Wishmaster, this is more of the same but not as good. As in the previous two movies, a young woman accidentally releases the djinn from the jewel that imprisons it, and wish-based shenanigans ensue. Because of course all the wishes turn bad.  In the previous two movies the genie needed to trick people into making wishes in order for it to gain power. Once it had reached a certain level it would try to force the person who had freed it to make three wishes, which would allow it to bring hell to Earth. In this movie it apparently can skip to just that last three-wishes part, and all the other wish granting it does is just the djinn being an asshole. That makes the whole thing less interesting to me.

And speaking of less interesting… The guy who plays the djinn in this movie seems like a perfectly fine actor, but he doesn’t come close to the gleeful malice of Andrew Divoff from the previous two movies. In fact the second movie is the best of the series simply by virtue of most of it consisting of the djinn going around with a creepy smile and granting people wishes that kill them in horribly inventive ways. In this movie… someone’s heart explodes. That’s about as exciting as it gets. Not to give the wrong impression, this is a perfectly decent, 5/10 movie. It’s just bland compared to what came before. 

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